Why Children Don't Learn From
Making Perfect Crafts

I am so guilty of doing this! In fact, I see so many parents subconsciously doing this.

So, imagine this; your little one is making a smiley face using different types of craft materials. They stick the first googly eye on in the right place. Fantastic. They stick on a nice smiley mouth. Which you straighten up. They then stick the nose on up side down. So, without a thought you take it off and rearrange. Next, the second googly eye. This gets stuck to your perfectly straight smiley mouth. By this time, you’re feeling frustrated! There’s no way your little one is going to make a smiley face that looks like something out of a horror film!

But how do you think your little one is feeling? Although they might not have the capability to say it, they are probably feeling like their confidence has been knocked because they’re constantly making mistakes. Therefore, when parents take over, even with good intentions as they think that they are trying to help, you are subconsciously telling your child that they have done something wrong which consequently can knock their confidence.

So, what can we do about this I hear you say. Well apparently, the best thing to do is when safe to do so, for example young children may need help or guidance with scissors or glue etc, leave your child to make crafts by themselves in their own way. Obviously, supervision is usually always necessary, however interfering is not. Hence by finding their own way to do things, children will build confidence, learn from their mistakes and learn problem solving skills.  

This however does nothing for our OCD, so what can we do about that? Well the best thing to do is make your own and leave your child to it!