What's This 'Messy Play' All About?

Ok, so my daughter has been invited to a messy play party. I’m not going to lie to you I felt a slight feeling of panic. ‘What will she wear?’ ‘How will we clean her up afterwards without getting covered in all sorts ourselves!’

So, I tried to stay calm, and do a bit of research. This of course didn’t help. Cute babies covered in paint, spaghetti (the orange type which I am constantly battling, armed with a very large tub of Vanish Gold – Unfortunately I am often defeated), shaving foam and various other squidgy, messy things to play with.

Now I am not one of those parents that is always washing my child’s hands (I leave that to my husband) and yes, if you know me I run children’s craft classes where I encourage the children to get stuck in with the paint, glue and glitter. But I feel in control of this type of mess. Plus, the children get to wear one of my lovely colourful aprons and I get to send them home to their parents with any dirty clothes they may have acquired.

So, after doing a bit more research (Thank you Google and Piptree) I have discovered that Messy Play actually has many benefits for your child; from learning to development. One of the most important benefits is cognitive development as Messy Play can stimulate a baby or toddler’s senses as they explore and discover different materials and textures.

So armed with a packet of baby wipes, a towel and a change of clothes off we go!

Wish me luck!