Does the thought of crafting at home give you nightmares?

Do you find crafting at home scary or too expensive?

Believe it or not crafting at home doesn’t have to be hard work, scary or expensive. Here is a brief guide to what I would recommend being in any little one’s home craft box.

Keeping Clean – An old table cover, an apron, baby wipes.

Colour – Crayons, pencils or felt tip pens. What ever you feel most comfortable with them using. Crayons might be easier to clean but felts give a more defined line when writing so maybe better for older children.

Mix it – When it comes to paint there are many options but if you are going to buy each colour singularly (make sure it’s washable) then you will only need five colours; black, white, red, yellow and blue. All other colours can be made from these five colours so have fun exploring different colours. When using paint also remember you will need pots (old food pots) and brushes. Different brushes will produce different types of brush stokes, another lovely idea to explore. But don’t forget you can also do finger painting or use different types of vegetables such as potatoes or celery to produce different marks.

Stick it – Glue! A very scary word to a lot of parents, but it doesn’t have to be. There are loads of different varieties from; PVA, Pritt stick (doesn’t have to be branded), glue dots and you could also use sticky tape. Glitter glue is also a great product for parents who have a fear of glitter as the glitter all stays in one place instead of leaving the house looking like there’s been a glitter explosion.  

Paper, paper and more paper – Once again lots of different colours and textures from plain A4 to coloured sugared paper and tissue paper. This can be found relatively cheap in your discount stores. A good pair of scissors will also come in handy, but once again can be bought quite cheaply.

To decorate – Sticky gems, stickers and ribbon can all add up when your little one is doing an art project. However, have you thought about what you have lying around your home? A hole punch makes lovely confetti to stick to any project, old buttons, foil, sweet wrappers, the list is endless… you just need a bit of imagination.

Have fun!