Are Craft Boxes Worth the Money?

After much experience of crafting with children and their parents, Tiny Crafters have developed easy to use, themed craft boxes which can be purchased online, they’ll be sent straight to your door and can be made and put together in the comfort of your own home.

But the question is, like other similar products; are they worth the money?

Are Craft Boxes Worth the Money?

After doing much research the simple answer is; depends how much they cost and what do you get in the box? If your box is full of colouring sheets and a cheap box of crayons, then they are probably not worth the money. However, if the box contains a number of different crafts with quality materials and instructions and a theme your child will appreciate then yes of course they’re worth it. Especially if you have no clue on crafting yourself or you don’t want to waste endless amounts of cash on craft supplies (It’s crazy how quickly the cost of paper, card and googly eyes can add up).

Therefore, in every Tiny Crafters Craft Box everything has been tried and tested and the correct amount of materials have been put in a box especially for you and your little one to enjoy stress free (hopefully if you follow the instructions!).

What do you need to consider when purchasing a Children’s Craft Box?

So when researching which craft box to purchase for your child it’s worth considering the products value; have a look at what the box consists of and how much enjoyment your child will get from making the craft and afterwards can the craft be used or played with?

Each Tiny Crafters Craft Box has a specific theme and is made from quality, child friendly materials (although adult supervision is required) and contain everything you need to create the final product. They reduce mess and will cut the cost of purchasing lots of different craft materials as everything you need comes in the box (the only extra thing you might require is a bit of glue).

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Each Tiny Crafters Craft Box can also be kept and used or played with, for example a wand or a bracelet.

Children’s Craft boxes can be educational and help children develop different skills as well as being fun and entertaining the little ones, they make great gifts and Tiny Crafters also sell party packages of crafts which will compliment any children’s birthday party.

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