Is Sewing the New Old-Fashioned Trend?

This week I’m slightly late posting my blog because I really wanted to do a bit of research about this topic, and by research, I mean asking a few mums. Very scientific I know. My Market Research, University Lecturer would be very disappointed in me!

So as you may know I make and sell my own craft boxes for children ( and I’ve been trying to find out what type of toys children have been asking for in their letters to Santa this year. For example, are unicorns still a big thing?

I must say I was very surprised by my findings. When we got onto the topic of crafts, I thought that crafts such as beads, sticker kits and anything with glitter would be popular. However, a lot of parents suggested that they would be buying children’s sewing kits for their little ones this year. Now don’t get me wrong I love sewing and have done from a very young age. My Mum used to let me have old clothes such as T-shirt’s so that I could cut them up and sew them into outfits for my Barbie dolls.

I think assumed that children would think that crafts such as; sewing, knitting and cross stitch were really old fashioned and uncool, but apparently not. In fact, when looking in toy stores and the toy sections of supermarkets and department stores, there are shelves full of cross stitch activities, sew your own soft toys and crochet or knitting kits.

sewing children trends old fashioned knitting crafts

I must admit that I’m really happy that these types of craft are still popular and being kept alive by our younger generation, as a lot of their parents have no idea how to even sew a button on. These types of craft are a life skill and also serve a purpose, they’re not just about making a pretty picture or an ornament. Even the most inexperienced of knitters or sewers can knit a scarf or tac up a pair of trousers or sew a button on. I just hope that these children carry on enjoying these types of craft and that they further develop their skills so that one day they can teach their children how to sew, knit, crochet or cross stitch.

As always I would love to know what you think.