Me and My Business

So today I had a really poopy start to my day. I went to do my usual craft class, and someone was extremely rude to me (Not one of my lovely customers). I felt really upset and just wanted to go home and cancel the rest of my plans for the day. But then I thought why should I let somebody make me feel that way?

It’s difficult running your own business at the best of times, it can be tiring, hard work and lonely, which can make the difficult times feel so much worse when you’re doing it on alone. Don’t get me wrong there can also be many good points to running your own business as well. So with this in mind I started thinking why I do what I do.

I love doing craft and I enjoy sharing the experience with others. Teaching children how they can explore different materials and giving them confidence to express themselves is so rewarding. Seeing a child progress week after week and develop new skills makes the hard parts of running my own business seem worthwhile.


That is why today I didn’t just go home and write the rest of my day off. I went to look for new craft ideas that I can share with my classes. So today I would just like to say thank you to all my customers past and present.

I would like to think that I inspire people to do craft, because I can definitely say that my customers encourage me to follow my dreams to do a job that I love.