How to Store Your Children's Crafts and Works of Art.

Children love to draw, paint and stick. So much so that before they even start nursery, they already have the fridge covered in their works of art. When they actually start school or nursery the number of paintings will multiply twofold and each piece just as valuable to them as the last, even though you might not be able to make out what it is, let alone what way up it goes.

So, what do you do? Save every picture and craft until every single wall and counter top in your home is covered? Throw the lot away as soon as your little one isn’t looking? If you’re like me, you probably want to keep a few as keepsakes and get rid of the rest. Here are a few suggestions to keeping all those crafts and pieces of art.

Invest in a Large Scrap Book

Buy a nice scrap book and only stick in the pictures that mean something such as; hand prints, first squiggle, first time writing name, first family portrait, etc. Remember to date the picture so you can recall different mile stones.

Invest in a Medium Sized Gift Box

Buy a box in which to store a few crafts. I would suggest a medium sized box as you want to be able to store a few items, but you don’t want to keep every rocket and robot made of boxes. Things like pop up cards made in school, key rings and magnets and small trinkets are perfect. If there are any larger items that you really want to keep but are too big or falling apart, try taking a photo of your little one holding the said item and stick them in either your book or box and remember to date the back.


Framed Pictures

Why not also try making specific pieces of art work at home. For example, purchase framed canvases, either one big one or a few small ones and get your little one to do some painted handprints. Do one every 6 months to a year so you can see how your little one is growing over time and remember to date the print either on the back or front. Remember to use child safe paint but you can also use colours which will match the room in which they will be hung, for example different shades of purple.

Another idea is if your little one does a great painting or drawing such as a family portrait this can be framed and put in a special place. This is a great way not to have too many paintings stuck everywhere. You can say that only one picture can be displayed at a time and it can only be changed every week or month.

Hope this has helped. If you would like some crafting ideas check out my website;

Have fun crafting and painting and enjoy looking back at all those memories.