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Salt Dough Keepsake

Salt dough is a fantastic craft for children of all ages as it is safe and easy to use, fun and can be used in lots of different ways. Children can create personalised gifts for all occasions or can simply make to pass the time. 

What you will need


1 Cup Salt

2 Cups Flour

3/4 Cup of Water


Large Bowl


Cookie Cutters



Measuring Cups

Rolling Pin

Baking Tray

Pre-Heated Oven 170c

How to make...

Step 1

In a bowl mix the salt and flour and gradually add the water. Mix with a spoon until the mixture starts to come together. 

Step 2

When the mixture starts to clump together you can take it out of the bowl and start to knead it together on a dry clean surface. You may also want to put a light dusting of flour down on the surface to prevent it sticking.

Step 3

Roll out your mixture with a rolling pin until the mixture is between 5mm to 10mm thick. The thicker the dough the longer it will take to cook in the oven, however you will be able to stick in bigger shells.

Step 4

Next using your cookie cutters cut out your chosen shapes. If you would like to hang your ornament use a straw to make a hole. 

Then add the shells pushing lightly into the dough.

Step 5

Put your keepsakes onto a clean baking tray and put in a pre-heated oven for approximately 10 to 20 minutes. Time to cook will depend on the thickness of the dough, therefore it is recommended that you keep checking the dough so that it does not burn.

Once cooked allow to cool and then you will be able to add your ribbon. You will also be able to paint or varnish your keepsake if you wish to do so.


If the mixture is too wet then add a small amount of flour and carry on mixing.

If the mixture is too dry and flaky gradually add a tiny amount of water until the mixture starts to stick together

If you pinch the straw when you are making a hole in your ornament then you will also remove the excess dough.

Always get an adult to help you with the oven.