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Holiday Postcards

What you will need: Card, Printer, Paint, Paint Brushes, Paint Pot, Sponge, Decorations (Felt Pens, Stickers, etc).

Postcard 1

Step 1

Print off the template onto a piece of card. The card can be any colour you want as long as you can see the black print. For this I have used yellow card. The template will make 2 postcards.

Postcard 2

Step 2

Next you will need to decorate the front of your postcard. You can do any design that you like and use any type of media, for example; paint, felt pens, stickers, etc.

I’ve cut a dish sponge in half and then painted it with stripes of different shades of blue paint (See photo). I then ran the sponge across the card in wavy lines to create waves on the beach.  

Summer postcard

Step 3

When the paint is dry you can then finish decorating your beach scene postcard with felt pens or stickers. I have used beach themed stickers which you can find in your local craft store or online.

Older children may like to design a postcard after every day trip or holiday you take and then write a brief description of what they did on the back.

Have fun! 

Ice Lollies

What you will need: Card, Lollypop Sticks, Sticky Tape, Something to Decorate the Lollies with such as Felt Pens, Tissue Paper, Glue, Paint, Glitter, Stickers, etc. 

Lolly 1

Step 1

Draw and cut out your lolly shapes. 

Lolly 2

Step 2

Next decorate the background of your ice lolly. I have used different coloured squares of tissue paper. Don’t worry too much about the edges as once the glue has dried you can then cut off any excess tissue paper. When all is dry stick the lolly pop stick to the back of the ice lolly, using sticky tape.

Lolly 3

Step 3

Finally decorate the ice lollies using felt pens, stickers, glue and glitter

Tip. These look fab as bunting for a garden party. Just make lots of ice lollies and stick them onto a length of ribbon.

Sand Castle Flags

What you will need: Straws, Coloured Card, Glue, Decorations such as Felt Pens, Stickers, Glue and Glitter.