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Halloween Lanterns

Hallowwen ghost and pumpkin lanterns

These Halloween lanterns are such a great idea and so easy to make. They can be used to decorate your home and look fab sat in the window. I have made a white ghost and an orange pumpkin but why not try a green monster or a black bat (you could also add some wings).

What you will need

Clear Plastic Disposable Cup

Coloured Tissue Paper

Black Paper or Thin Card

PVA Glue

Marker Pen

Electric Tealight (Do not use real candle!)


Glue Gun


Thick Card

How to Make...

Step 1

Cover your plastic cup with glue and stick on your tissue paper. Brush over extra glue to ensure that the tissue paper won’t peel off. Next take the black paper and cut out eyes or other details and stick onto the cup.

Step 2

Once dry you can stick over an electric candle for a very spooky effect. Or if you would like to make a base; draw on the thick card around the cup and cut out circle. Fold in half and cut out a small rectangle so that you can turn the switch on and off. 

Step 3

With a glue gun glue the electric candle onto the card. When dry glue the cup onto the card, and then you’re done.

Have Fun!