Christmas Holiday Crafts

Who doesn’t love a good old Christmas craft. These crafts are simple to do, great fun and really effective. So get out your sparkles and let the holiday crafting begin.

Below are 24 Christmas Advent Calendar Crafts.

Lollipop Christmas Tree Decoration

Rudolph the Reindeer Hat

Christmas Tree Card

Fairy Light Gift Wrapping Paper

Reindeer Food Cone

Hot Chocolate Reindeer Cones

Santa's Magic Key Decoration

Rudolph Reindeer Hand Print

Christmas Snowflake Decoration

Card Baubles

Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

Christmas Snow Globe

Paper Snow Flake

Card Christmas Tree

Decorate Your Own Stocking

Christmas Marble Ornaments and Gift Box

Christmas Nativity Scene Card

Christmas Angel Light Craft

Lollipop Stick Christmas Characters

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Decorations

Home Made Christmas Gift Tags

Sweet Tree Decorations