Why Choose a Toddler Craft Class?

It can be quite overwhelming for parents of babies, toddlers and generally young children when it comes to choosing the right sort of class to take them to. There’s music and song themed classes, dance and sport themed classes, swimming classes, relaxation and sign classes and of course craft classes not to mention the soft play centres and baby groups.

So how do you choose? All of these classes will bring some benefits to your child’s development and like anything there will be some classes that you and your child prefer over others. For example, the first type of class we chose for my daughter was swimming because we wanted her to be confident in the water so that if she ever fell into water such as a pool on holiday she would know what to do.

However, in this article I’m going to tell you why I would also choose a craft class.

My experience of working with young children has allowed me to witness the importance of creativity in a child’s development. A child may struggle with the everyday methods used in the class room to teach subjects such as Maths and English however with the use of creative methods, that same child will start to progress in such subjects if taught in a more creative context.

It is suggested that children develop skills in five main areas of development;

Cognitive Development – This is where children learn to solve problems as well as learn new skills and information. Craft classes allow children to exercise and develop these skills by challenging them to create a particular craft. For instance; how do I get the glitter to stick to the paper, how do I make a face using pom-poms.

Social and Emotional Development – Interacting with others, self-control and helping themselves are all social and emotional skills. Craft classes aid the development in these skills as children are encouraged to interact with other people in the class whether it’s just a simple smile or wave or through sharing and taking turns for example, when waiting to use a certain coloured crayon.

Speech and Language Development – Craft classes are a fantastic way for children to practise their understanding and use of language. Children are often sat around a table together and therefore encouraged to communicate with each other, for example; ‘please can you pass the red paint?’ The use of and understanding of different vocabulary will also be developed during a craft class where the children maybe asked to; paint, draw, cut, tear, stick, etc.

Fine Motor Skills Development – This is the use of small muscles, specifically fingers. Craft Classes are a fantastic way to develop these skills as children are encouraged to pick up small objects such as sequins and googly eyes. The use of crayons and pens to draw also boost the development of these skills.

Gross Motor Skill Development – This is the use of larger muscles, for instance learning to skip. Now although this skill isn’t particularly at the forefront of any craft class, Tiny Crafters tries to incorporate the development of these skills within the class theme. For instance; for a pirate themed class we will include action games throughout the class such as ‘Pirate Jack Says’, (similar to Simon says).

So the next time you’re looking for a new toddler class, why not have a go at a craft class.

Also have a look at my website for craft ideas you can do at home.

Have fun!